I want to make a grid distortion

I want to make a grid distortion but there is a problem in the script the effect of the points doesn’t appear on the grid .

try-4.3dm (254.1 KB)
try-4.gh (28.4 KB)

Can you elaborate on what “distortion” means in your case? It is a very vague description.

i want the 3 point charges effect on the field lines

The orange EvaluateField component box needs an input. I think you need to plug the Points output from Divide Crv into this.

Essentiaaly you are evaluating the strength of the fields from the three points at each of the points from your Divide Crv component, then you are moving these points based on the field strength and direction.

You should plug the fields generated at each of the 3 points into a Merge Field component and then use this Merged Field for the Evaluate Field component at each DivideCrv point to give you the move vectore