Anemone, Vector fields, and attractor points for novel voxels help needed

Hi Grasshopper community

Im working on a project that makes use of vector fields and attractor points to create unique interlocking geometry using voxels.

I’m trying to strike a nice balance between the voxel traveling to each attrachor point but also being influenced by the surrounding vector fields.

I got some thing close to what i was trying to achieve by inputting the vector field results alongside the attractor points but this was outputting double the amount of voxels that I expected - see image below.

I then tried to create a logic gate to compare both values using remap > smaller than > gate or > and then into the list components but its kind of creating this larger volume that has no direction…


If anyone can see my vision and my errors and knows how i might solve it some guidance would be really appreciated
Thanks grasshopper community :slight_smile:

[VECTOR FIELDS AND|attachment]