VB vs Python and Event Handlers/Watcher (beginner question)


I have a quick question. I have just found a sample project for event handlers and I just realised it is in VB.

I thought, that VB is a scripting language just like Python. Previously it has been concluded that Python is a scripting language that’s why it has not got features to handle events and we need to create plugins if we want to introduce Event handlers/Watchers for curtain action. So, when we use VB are we able to apply events from Rhino common?

I have no knowledge of VB but C# and python.

That conclusion is not based on facts. .Net events are accessible in IronPython. You will need to learn independently regarding .Net events in IronPython, for example using a book such as this one:

Yes, also.

The main problem with events is that they need to be setup and then run in different moments. The GH_Component SDK mode in Rhino 6 helps with that setup.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates