VB in grasshopper

Hello, i am new all these things but i am trying to using visual basic for create two curves and divided these curves equal pieces and making a loft from them… I did this with using normal grasshopper components but how can i do that with vb ? :slight_smile:

In Grasshopper you can use VB.Net (not exaclty VB, but close enough). :slight_smile:

Drop the component on the canvas an double-click it to start writing code. :

// Rolf

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: i did this but its little bit confused what exactly shall i defined inputs and outputs part in vb component

You must give your input and output parameters names which are valid VB variable names. So no spaces, no weird characters and you cannot start with a number.

Also I think you need two curve inputs, and your loft is the output.

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vb loft.gh (5.4 KB)

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