vaSpatialObjectSet really slow

Hi there!

Adding Polylines as spatial elements is incredibly slow. A single line between two walls is taking around 10 minutes to compute.

It seems that the time needed for computation is increased for every element I set, I waited for 15 minutes and then force closed it. The issue is only apparent on a specific floor(You received the file yesterday by email) Is there some sort of complexity hidden within the model?

And any update of such style takes a lots of time. I don’t have much patience and I just shut down the Rhino process.
Regards, Jaro

Hi @rheinason, this is not normal. I’ve got your file (20181018 Høgni og Joan_Nýtt tak_001.3dm), but I don’t know which space and curve or object set as spatial element are having these issues. Can you point them out for me?
I’ve also tried to reproduce this behavior but everything works fine. What VisualARQ version do you have?

2.3.3 I think? The issue happens on the middle floor, when for example closing off the living room with a line, and when creating a curve that cuts the staircase away.

Thanks Roi. I could reproduce the problem so we will be able to find a solution for it. I’ll let you know when this is fixed.

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@rheinason Hi Roi, we have been able to fix the problem that was making the Set Spatial element command run so slowly with that case you reported. You can find this fixed in the 2.3.6 version that is available to download.