Vase modeling, loft?

How should I approach modeling this shape? should I use the loft? What would be the profiles besides the top and bottom circle?

It looks like the flat surface is planar, which, if true, would simplify things. But even if not I’d do it like this:

  1. Make a series of vertically stacked ellipses that have the cross-sectional shape of the vase but without the cut off side.
  2. Loft these into an untrimmed surface.
  3. Whack off the side of #2 with a plane (or curved surface) as appropriate
  4. Use BrepEdges to get the vertical edges of #3 and make an edge surface form that.
  5. Join #3 & #4 and cap it to make a closed Brep.
  6. ScaleXY #5 by about 97% and then whack off the bottom 3 - 5 mm of that by SDiff with a capped cylinder.
  7. SDiff #6 from #5 and you’re done.

That’s actually an interesting shape. I just might try it using twisted ellipses instead of circles.

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You can also look at the primer by Modelab here

They have something similar about the vase designs and the step by step tutorial that you can follow to learn as well.

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Here’s a fully customizable example: (21.4 KB)


Here’s a fairly simple approach that doesn’t have the exact parameters of your shape - but it’s close. (12.1 KB)

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Not quite there yet, but not bad for first attempt.

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Thank you this definition is a nice start, more precise half job done! :smiley: I will try to upgrade it towards I think the top and bottom are circular shapes and there is some variable fillet on the creases.

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