Variable pipe on closed curve issue

Hello RhGh community!

I’m sure this is something trivial, but I’m at a loss right now. I’m trying to pipe a closed curve with variable radii. I’m inputing 4 parameters (t) and 4 radii ® and nothing comes out… :smiley: Where do I go off the rails with this one?


Gh def: (9.9 KB)

On a reparametrized closed curve, parameter 0 and 1 are coincident, the start is also the end of the curve.
You are giving two radius values on the same point, that’s the problem.
Remove your last (or first) entry on both panels and it works.

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I don’t know why VPipe fails (I see that @maje90 has explained that). I had to use ReB (Rebuild Curve) to get Sweep 1 to work, with a count (‘N’) of 23 to get close to the original curve. (12.5 KB)

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The original curve is a simple planar ControlPointCurve for which I moved two of the control points somewhere on the Z axis. Weird…
Anyway thank you very much for the Sweep alternative!

Like expected… Something pretty obvious! I’ve removed the last parameter and the corresponding radius and it works just fine.
Thank you for your help!