Variable hexagonal box morphing

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I’ve been trying to create a variable hexagonal morph into a surface, but I get stuck when a shape that’s not rectangular is hard to fit. I’ve tried pannaling tools and Pufferfish addon, without luck.


Trying to create a surface with tickness like this image…can some one point me into the right direction?

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Are those quadrilateral and pentagonal faces supposed to be flat/planar?
Are you able to recreate this pattern on rhino … manually?
If yes, attach here an example.
I’m not able to recreate this pattern with flat faces. Even on rhino.

I’m having the same issue haha looks simple but is not.

But I think doing a hexagonal piramid and trying to do the pattern first will be one part of the job.

we could also consider that it looks like a diamond pattern, and try to do the inverse.

You can make the pattern 2d and wrap to a surface with sporph component, or just make a hexagonal mesh (with something like ngon) and build the geometry with the hexagon frame (no need to morph), or construct a tile that fits in a bounding box but when repeated will make that pattern and morph with a twisted box. Easiest would just be to construct it from a hex grid and wrap.

That’s the problem, that pattern does not exist.
At least, i’m trying but with coincident vertexes and flat planar faces, it doesn’t build up.
I think in that 3d print there is some curvature in the faces…
This is by using patch surface:

edges are not linear and faces are all double-curved…

Yea this looks right to me. It is for sure curved. I would just wrap that pattern.

Make sense.

Yes, is for a curved surface. You got closer than what I have…The question now, is how does this pattern look in 2D?

I think it should be a similar process as Michael did here

Found that too

Useful (16.0 KB)

One step closer
what you think?

I dont have the plugin you are using and you didn’t internalize the mesh.
Anyway, i dont like it when a module needs to be meshed in high detail or is a curved nurbs surface…
I’m still thinking for a simpler solution for your pattern.
On the picture is nice, but when i try to make it it is always ugly.
No ideas, sorry.

I’m having the issue that the mesh is not joining completely after box morphing…but i do have a nice diamond surface before that.

I’m attaching files, incluiding base filesdragon_v1.3dm (8.0 MB)

You’ll need

Pufferfish, Weaverbird, Mesh+ and Lunchbox (26.3 KB)

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FWIW, a cylinder can be done with planar faces. (22.8 KB)