Value of slider in Grasshopper doesn't update with that in Human UI

Hi everyone,

I am new to Human UI. I found that the value of sliders in Grasshopper doc doesn’t update when I change the value of sliders in Human UI windows. This annoys me a lot =(
also, if someone would give me some documentation to Human UI, that would be great

Thanks in advance

Try starting with the example files on food4rhino:

thanks man, I did try the examples, but the values doesn’t change along with that in the UI windows

You have to use a value listener to get the value of the slider in the UI window, it does not update the value of the slider in the grasshopper definition and it is not intended to.

I see but is there any possible ways to fix it?
when i hit refresh on the grasshopper page, all my input in UI windows will be reset. This makes all the data lost

There is a technique called “decoupling” that uses metahopper but it is somewhat more advanced/involved. If you feel like trying it there are some example snippets on food4rhino.

Thanks dude! I will try my best to learn <3