Re-setting Human UI sliders with stored data?

I think if you utilize the “metahopper decoupled” UI approach, you won’t have this problem. changes to a slider will persist, as it’s actually modifying the slider’s value.

The basic trick is to use a reference to the GH slider to initialize the human UI slider, and then use the value from the value listener to set the GH slider using metahopper. The snippets on food4rhino are probably the most comprehensive documentation of this, it’s sort of a “secret trick.” With this approach you’ll just have to make sure the GH file gets saved (which can be done programmatically).

No, I am “retired” from GH plugin development, working on something new. But I still review and accept pull requests to the Human UI project every now and again.

I think you’ll find this impossible without modifying the Human UI source. It’s specifically looking for instances of the GH_NumberSlider class: