Value List auto-fill

Why does a Value List node not automatically update when you plug it into most other commands? For example, if I plug a Value List (which by default holds “One, Two, Three, Four” as options, not automatically update to “1, 2, 3” (no 4, neither Four) if I plug it into the Curvature slot C of a Blend Curve node?

There seem to be a few commands (such as Weight within Peacock) that autofill the Value List, but not most commands. The fact that you need to manually fill a Value List nearly each time you use it makes that node less useful than it could be (unless I’m using it the wrong way!)


Your expectation of how it should work is not correct.

P.S. Anders Deleuran ( @AndersDeleuran ) posted a ‘Populate Value List’ thing in Python here:

Very handy! Scroll down to see a small enhancement/bug fix here: