Vacuum form model

Hello! I did a vacuum form model at school, which basically looks like a tent. I put wooden sticks at different lengths and draped a sheet of plastic over it.

I need a 3D model of it and I have hard time doing it. The default Rhino drape seems very bad at doing this. I have also tried kangaroo drape surface from the internet, but it also looks very bad.

Does anyone knows a proper way how to make such a tensile surface that would fall down from the circles onto the square platform.

Here are pictures of what I try to accomplish:

Thanks for all the help!

Hello did you test “shrink wrap” Not physical but could work

Or for more physical test Flexhopper component


The shrink wrap seems to kinda work, but I don’t understand why the final mesh seems to be ignoring the solid and just passes through it, like this:

Why not posting image here ? Click on Upload
From my remembering it is just because it is just the intersection of the drape vertex with the mesh. It doesn’t handle the face of the drape. It could surely be corrected.

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I believe you’re right. One solution would be to model the object to be vacuum formed, but add a slight offset to the surface. Redo the vacuum form on this object, but once it’s done, swap it out with the original.

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