Modeling Tensile Fabric

I am trying to model a fabric architecture/tent structure and I am not sure what the best way to demonstrate fabric draping in Rhino is. I’m not looking for someone do to the model for me, just advice on methods. I am trying to model this unit as seen in the photos.

that’s not really draping though…

draping in Rhino would be a little more like putting those sticks in the foam then dropping the cloth from above… you’re stretching the fabric in many different directions (other than down).

Yes, sorry, I’m trying to figure out how to model with that curve you get when working with tensile structures. I’m not sure what it’s called though.

Perhaps Grasshopper and Kangaroo?

Google - kangaroo grasshopper tensile fabric

Thank you!

You can try “SoftMove”. it may not give exact but close to the shape you have.

Thank you!