VA 2.0 Creating unique Beam from grasshopper

Hi, everyone

I’m new in VA and grasshopper.

I’d like to create unique beam from grasshopper by using VA 2.0 grasshopper definition.

but, I failed to open .gh file and got this massage 「There isn’t any parameter in Grasshopper definition that can map with ‘Path Curve’ property. Please review the definition.」

Does anyone know how to solve this problem.

Sorry for my English.

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Please upload the definition you were trying to open.

Here is a gh definition that I just made and used as a Beam Style: (4.5 KB)

Dear fraguada,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Your .gh file works very well !

Is there any method to manage beam section angle? My .gh file produce different section angle when I try to create beam on each viewport such as Top Front …

Here attached is my definition file.


Shimpei (14.3 KB)

@11194 Can you add some screenshot about this? What do you mean by “beam section angle”?



Thank you for the reply.

Here’s screenshot.

I mean 「va_Beam」 produces differrent beam angle.

When I create H-Beam from Front view, Its angle depwnds on pushing Shift key.

Pushing shift key, flange faces me. Without pushing shift key, web faces me.

What happen when I generate GH definition Beam?

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@11194 Ok, I could reproduce this error but drawing beams vertically instead, also in Front viewport. We need to review this error. Take into account that you can rotate the beam from the properties panel, (Roll parameter), in case it was not created propery.

In case of beams created from GH styles, their rotation will depend on the definition parameters.


Thank you for the reply.

There are many option that I don’t know such as 「angle」 set up already in VA.

I still have a lot of things I have to learn…

Maybe I will post another topic as my study progresses.

Thanks to all of good responce!