V8 SVG import from AI bug

  1. Copying linework from Illustrator to Rhino 8 using the clipboard creates geometry that can only be seen when selected. This works as expected in V7 with no issue.

  2. Linework imports with a material titled “Custom (1)”. It’s an improvement from this bug that I reported a while back, but still creates clutter in amongst materials and it’s just not logical. This behavior is the same in V7.

V8 SVG Bug.3dm (169.2 KB)
V8 SVG Bug.ai (1.2 MB)

Bumping this so it doesn’t get lost

Hi Ryan - checking it, thanks.

I see this, thanks - Paste brings things in as hatches with 100% alpha in the display color.
RH-81524 Paste svg - transparent hatches

RH-81526 Paste SVG adds a material


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RH-81526 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 7.