Paste from Adobe Illustrator messes up the material editor big time

Dear Community,

I finally found the reason why my material editor was unusable for some of my files. The issue comes when pasting soething directly from Adobe Illustrator into my Rhino file. This issue exists for some time now but i never knew where it came from.

Here is how it happens:

  • Copy Paths from Illustrator and paste them into Rhino directly (I love the fact that you can do this by the way :slight_smile: )
  • The Material Editor is now unusable, completely glitched out

Here how it looks:
Default State:

Copy the shapes from Illustrator

Now I cannot edit any materials anymore, i cannot sroll in the editor to see more options.
Undoing the Paste does not undo the damage done on the material editor.
Only when I undo, save and reopen the file the Bug is gone. Weird is that the materials created when pasting the svg remain even after undoing.

It created some major complications when I was working on bigger files, sometimes I didnt realize this issue until it was too late and I could not undo the import.

Now that I know how to avoid this it is not a bigger issue, but if this happens to someone else this really makes you crazy :smiley:

Hi Sebastian -

I can reproduce this by either pasting from Inkscape or importing an SVG file, thanks.
RH-76436 Rendering: Materials: Messed-up panel after SVG import

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I have just submitted a fix for this in the 7.x branch. It should be available in 7.34 (and, of course, Rhino 8 WIP).

The bug was in the Import SVG plug-in so anything that caused an import of an SVG would render the Material Editor unusable.

This was a run-time error, meaning that it would not affect a 3dm file. So until the fix is available, you can work around it by saving your document and then re-running Rhino. This will clear the error and when you open your file, the imported objects should be there.


RH-76436 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 34 Release Candidate

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