V8 gumball rotation direction arrows tiny

When clicking on a rotation arc, the rotation direction indicators are tiny compared to the other arrows…


This also seems new in the latest SRC…

I’m not seeing a difference between V7 and the latest V8

What do your gumball sizes look like?

Maybe the size is getting calculated in a silly way for your settings

4K screen, 225% display scaling (laptop)

I’m just seeing a lot of anomalies with the latest 8.3 SRC that I don’t think were there in 8.2 - there is also the lack of a text editor box in Properties and the fact that my custom toolbars will not retain their Text+Image setting after a Rhino restart - both documented in other posts… What was changed since then?

This looks like the issue. I opened the issue here.

Sorry, I don’t know what specifically changed to cause those issues. There’s lots of changes that go into the Rhino source code everyday.