V8, GH1 - no text alignment

Whatever the level of zoom there is no text alignment option displayed.

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Wait , why the size of panel is so BIG!?

Seeing that as well, i’ll check on what led to the change. Thanks

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This feature was removed by David recently, please use the right click to access the Alignment Options. Thanks

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OK, thanks.
Did he mention any reason for doing this?

They were more annoying than useful. People have been complaining about them for a while, but a few weeks ago a renewed stream of complaints made me do something about it.

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They were triggering too early but I think it is a useful feature. I’m glad it is still there under right-click.

stumbled here from another thread

today I noticed that you can indeed right click and align text like before, but it only works when you type text directly into the panel, it does not work if text is an input

would it be possible to make in such a way the alignment option is always available?

[I’m on R8 SR7 (8.7.24113.23001, 2024-04-22) ]


Add a feature request.


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I’ve spotted this yesterday too. It is important to have it back when working with multiple columns of data.

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@Japhy I think my previous video was not very, sorry for that

actually it’s not really about inheriting formatting, it’s about being able to give text any formatting when text is not dyrectly typed into the Panel:

the previous Panel-to-Panel video was just the extreme example of this

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No worries, both would be a good feature.


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I’m missing that too.
Actually, I have a few complaints about panels*, but the formatting was OK for me.
Also, I more often format panels which display a result than panels that I type text in.
It’s surprising to see a change that actually takes out a feature… and without notice too.

  • Like the fact there is no “Used in this definition” list of colors in the Colour dialog.
    Also, the colour dialog is kind of “slippery” ; it disappears even though the cursor is still over it.
    Then, when you enter a text, the boundaries of the panels are slightly smaller than the automatic margins you get when resizing it.
    There also could be some kind of “smart elevator” for panels containing lots of lines ; something like the ones in the Google Photos app.

I agree that the zoomable thing got in the way of text editing.
But now, adjusting the font size is an obstacle course, and the panels which inherit values can’t be padded.
Maybe there was a better way to improve the whole text formatting UI.
How about the tried and true concept of a little quick-to-access dialog that would extend from a side of the panel, with ALL the formatting options in one place ?