(Edit:) Panels not handling empty lines like they did in GH 0.9

I’m trying a Grasshopper 0.9 definition in GH 1 in the current Rhino BETA and I’m finding that there is a small change in the behavior of the Text Split component which is adding a NULL to the end in GH 1, but didn’t do this in 0.9.

I know I can add Clean Tree components to fix this but my question is: will all GH 0.9 definitions be forced to add Clean Trees to every Text Split?

Are we just stuck with this text behavior now?

It would be nice not to have to fix definitions that work perfectly well in GH 0.9 because of this little bug.

It should probably work the same as 0.9, since that sounds like it makes more sense. I don’t know yet why it’s doing something else now. Care to upload a file that repeats this problem?

Hi David,
Further experimenting shows that this looks like an End Of Line issue.

0.9 is handling empty lines at the end of text panels more gracefully than 1.0 or than the Mac WIP Grasshopper.

Simply deleting the empty line in the text panel solves the problem, and I’m happy to do that, but there is still the issue that and Windows 0.9 GH definitions with panels of text ending with empty lines have to be fixed before they’ll work in 1.0 on Windows or Mac.

I’m attaching a simple example file. You can see the “empty” indicator appear and disappear when you edit the panel to include or take away the last empty line.Panel EOL problem.gh (4.2 KB)

Seems like the same issue I was having last year when trying to use the Mac GH version:

Further note: The Windows GH 1.0 is nicely showing “empty” indicator which makes correcting this problem very easy. The Mac GH does not show this indicator making it hard to track down this problem when importing definitions from 0.9 to Mac GH.

I think I am having the same problem. I get some strange errors that appear to be related to hidden characters.

Number_Parsing_Test.gh (16.6 KB)

It seems that the problem actually arises when the data arrives at the Num2Pt component - the panels do not show the null and Clean does not remove it, but if you hover over the input to the Num2Pt the nulls can be seen in the tooltip listing.

PS I am using English throughout and Rhino 5.4.1 for MacOS High Sierra

Yup, it’s the new lines issue in Mac again - see my post here for a quick fix:

Or this clipboard fragment which you can paste into Grasshopper and self-destructs after executing ( I have it saved as a ghuser file for convenience, but can’t upload to this forum ):

Thanks for the work-around!