V7 Wish: SelSelectedObjLayer, behaving like SelColor

I use SelColor a lot to quickly hide, lock isolate different parts of my scene. I can give each of my layers a color and have a 1:16 million chance of a collision, but the proposed command would be nice to have…

Related: RightClick on Layer > Select Objects / Select Select Sublayer Objects is a bit far down the list… just one of those things that cost a few milliseconds every 10 minutes - it adds up and distracts.

I Know about -SelLayer but this does not work with the current selection, just with Picking

edit: and the option to set the background color / font / size for the layer / prop panels would be very nice… I really miss a monospaced font when looking at a long lists of layers


hi @atair

in the meantime, you can try this script - it should do the SelLayer with preselection.

Save on your HD and drag-and-drop into Rhino vport:
DIG_SelByLayerFromObjects.rvb (852 Bytes)

The alias for this command would be:

Indeed this functionality is quite useful and would be nice to be a part of core Rhino.





Here are a couple of quick mods to one of my existing scripts that should do what you want -

This one asks you to pick some objects or takes a preselection, then selects all objects on that layer plus all objects on any sublayers. It only selects in the “down the tree” direction, i.e. if a selected object is on a sublayer, it will select objects on any sublayers of that, but not go up to the parent layer. This works like RightClick on Layer > Select Objects / Select Select Sublayer Objects
SelObjLayerTree.py (875 Bytes)

This one will select the entire layer tree of the picked objects - up to the top level parent layer and down to the lowest level sublayer.
SelEntireObjLayerTree.py (1020 Bytes)

HTH, --Mitch