V7 layouts tab still stealing focus

The Layouts tab/toolbar is stealing focus whenever I click on a layout at bottom of screen. This is bad.
Is this fixed in a newer build?

Also, I’m not caught up on the discussion, but what are chances of getting drag-able layouts for rearranging?

Work In Progress
(7.0.20035.14285, 02/04/2020)

Thank you,

Hi Robert - I’m not all that sure that I understand what you mean with stealing focus.

The current public build is 7.0.20056.13055 - please install that and report any issues that are present in that version.

You can do that in the Layouts panel.

Sorry, I should’ve checked the build date!
I just updated my WIP to
Work In Progress
(7.0.20056.13055, 02/25/2020)

Stolen focus looks fixed! Thank you.

I see the dragging in the layouts panel, that is a big improvement. Are drag-able layout tabs at bottom of our viewport a no-go?

Hi Robert -

From what I can tell, that’s a no-go, yes. All YT items that requested that feature have been closed stating that it has been implemented in the Layouts panel - e.g. RH-10902.