What is going on with layouts in the WIP?

-The new layouts tab is buggy with showing the layouts from a v6 file opened in v7. They showed up only after docking the tab.

-The layouts tab annoyingly opens every time I click on a different layout. Even when nested, the tab is activated. This is horrible behavior and a serious time and workflow waste.


It also switches to that tab again and again, when I have no use for it and want my normal layers tab activated always instead.

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Hi @vectorabc,

If you want to see all layout tabs, just righ-click on any tab and uncheck Combine Layout Tabs.

– Dale

Hi @carvecream,

There’s been a but of churn in the Layouts panel lately. See if this week’s WIP works better (or worse).

@JohnM - perhap if the Layouts tab is already open, don’t bring it to the front. Thoughts?

– Dale