V6 performance on mac - far from origin, units?

The model in this case has objects considered far from origin in their original condition. After changing units, the geometry is scaled positions and sizes that do not require the extra steps for handling far from origin geometry. I’m always trying to find ways to improve performance for far from origin conditions, but no matter what there are always extra steps involved.

V5 didn’t handle far from origin conditions are well and just drew geometry without the extra steps required to make sure geometry display correctly.

Hi @stevebaer
I am not sure if I understand it correctly. Even after moving the geometry to the origin, the performance won’t improve. And what would cause such a massive performance difference only on mac and not on windows? Does it mean that windows do not consider the geometry as “far from origin”?

There is no difference in our algorithms on what we consider far from origin on Windows and Mac Rhino. This comes down to differences in OpenGL drivers on the two operating systems. I have found ways to improve things on Mac, but this stuff takes a lot of time to figure out. I have kept your model on my list of issues to look at again in the future when I get out from under my current stack of work.

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