V6 on Mac/Parallels - alt key... (I know, not supported)

Finished my class today, all this week I had 7 learners, 2 with Macs running Parallels. I know this is not supported, but sometimes you just have to go with what you got. I have absolutely no control over this particular situation/setup. There are also some reasons why everyone had to be on Windows Rhino, and why Bootcamp wasn’t set up, but that is too long to go into.

One students display was more or less OK, the other, who had one of those tiny mini macbook things, the display was just a disaster. But we worked with it.

One thing that was not display related though. For both students who had Macs under Parallels the Alt key didn’t work at all and I couldn’t find any way to make it work (I am not a Mac person though). No Alt key means no suspending Osnaps, no Alt+Gumball or drag to copy, and no sub-object selection…

Anyone that has worked on Parallels experienced this and has a workaround? Just for next time, I will have the same people again in 6 months - probably under the same conditions, although I will lobby for them to get Bootcamp set up at least.

Thx, --Mitch

Back many years ago when I was testing Parallels, I recall there was a Parallels configuration option for how the Mac Option and Command keys acted when hosting a Windows application.
The specific details are lost to the mists of time but I suspect a little Googling will turn them up.