GPU freeze in Parallels

There seems to be an issue when using “Rhino.options.OpenGL.UseCoreProfile” in Rhino 6. Everything works as expected except…

When dragging across the viewport to select items the virtual machine will hang for 10 seconds and the following error will pop up in the MacOS Console.

Jun 18 18:13:29 MacBook-Pro[1] ( Service only ran for 1 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 9 seconds.

That’s just one of the reasons Parallels is not a support platform.
It’s in the System Requirements for Rhino for Windows, in the Not Supported section.

There appears to be an issue when using “Picture” command from version 6.26.20147.06511 up…

6.25.20114.05271 works as expected.

Here is an example of what is shown when using the Picture command. This is not the image file I chose. It shows what looks like an environmental map for every image file I have tried.

Thanks for your reply John,

Will this be fixed somewhere down the line? Or is the intention to not support Parallels going forward?

It’s not up to us to fix it.
Parallels does not meet Rhino’s minimum system requirements.

Why aren’t you running Mac Rhino on your Mac?

I maintain a plugin for Grasshopper, and switching between Mac and Bootcamp is too time consuming. Most, if not all my development for the plugin suite for the past 6 years, up to this point, has been on a virtual machine.

Up to 6.25 disabling “Rhino.options.OpenGL.UseCoreProfile” worked (sort of). But 6.27 breaks that little work around completely.

My experience with VMs is VMWare Fusion does a much better job than Parallels. Still not good enough for us to officially support, but lots better than Parallels.

Ok, great, I’ll give that a go, thanks John.