V6 - duplicate material? (from Layer Material panel) - Layer Materials Mess

@jarek I am seeing a single flicker that happens when OK is clicked on the color picker. Not when OK is clicked on the Layer Material dialog. This single flicker is caused by something so complex that changing it is extremely difficult. I remember trying to fix this a few years ago and I couldn’t do it. I’m going to try again, but I have to catch up on some other urgent things that just came in. I’ll file a new report for this as it happens in more places than just layers. Thanks for your bug reports and patience.

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@Jarek, @johnc has committed changes to address issues. Are you on daily builds, and able to test? Or do you need a link to a build with the changes in?

I am on 9/19/2018 build and Rhino tells me its the latest available. So I don’t think all the fixes are in there yet.

RH-48421 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Hi @johnc - thanks for fixing the material flicker :slight_smile:

@jarek You’re welcome.I hope it actually goes faster as well.

yes it does! - the whole layer material editing experience is much smoother now since you and Andy made the series of fixes…