Assigning materials to duplicated layer

Some of my layers are a duplicate of an existing layer I’ve previously created (why? I don’t really know). Now that I’m preparing my file to be rendered in Rhino, I noticed that the duplicate and original layers are linked in a way where when I assign materials in rhino for the main layer, it changes the duplicate, and vise versa.

How do I fix this? Or is the only way to fix it to create a new layer (that’s not duplicating) and move the objects from the duplicated layer to this new layer?

Hi @venissesitjar,

If you click on, say, the material for Mullions under WALLS_INT, the material panel will come up and you should see a line of text telling you that the material is shared and asking if you want to assign a separate instance to the layer. You need to do that before changing the layer material. You can then edit this instance, assign a new material or change to a different one already in use, and only this layer will change.


Thanks! I didn’t see it before