Edge Softening issue

Hi, I wonder if ApplyEdgeSoftening tool rebuilds the mesh every time you move or rotate an object, because sometimes it takes a lot of time and I don’t understand why. If I’m not changing the shape, what is it calculating?

It shouldn’t recalculate on moving an object. It would if the render mesh for the object were changed as that’s what it softens. Can you provide a model? Send it in to tech@mcneel.com if it’s confidential.

I’ve seen this but I couldn’t reproduce it to buggify - I thought it might be for Extrusion objects since they get new insta-meshes when moved, I think, but I cannot make it happen now on breps or extrusions.


Thanks, apparently it happens when the result has some edges with problems.
I’ll send a sample model, but I can reproduce it easy with different models.
Anyway if the problem is that the softening task wasn’t complete, I don’t understand why it tries again when you move it.

Thanks, I filed this as RH-34439 for future reference.