V6 - bug? - a layout resets my entire layer panel organization

Normally I have my layer panel set up like this:


I have the “Name” column moved to the right as the last column, as names are variable length and I prefer to have the all the other layer controls on the left of that… Plus most of the layer print/material settings are turned off, as I don’t need them generally.

Now, when I use Open and open an ACAD DWG that has a layout page, it resets the column order and turns ALL the columns on… :confounded:


I hope this is a bug and not intentional behavoir… :grimacing:

Can provide the dwg to test if need be.

Edit: oh, and btw, using Import doesn’t work at all, nothing is imported (the DWG is all in layout space)

Thx, --Mitch


So, nobody answered me on this and it’s a YEAR ago now… I don’t see any bug report of this in youtrack either. This just happened again today, and not even when importing a file with a layout - just the simple act of creating a new one myself does it… :angry:


Edit - ah, wait, I see that it only does this when the layout panel is active. It goes back to my original layer panel setting when I switch back to a model view. I see now that this is intentional. I also see that I can re-arrange the columns and it remembers my settings and sticks between sessions. So, OK, problem solved… sorry for the rant. :flushed: