V6 + arcs + Epilog laser = disaster

Been trying to use V6 with our lasers here. With V5 everythng runs fine, and has for years. But as I am now running 2 lasers simultaneously and intensely for the next couple of weeks on one computer wiht two screens, I thought I would run V5 and V6 together to avoid the problem of the common print dialog screen placement between two V5 instances (reported a long time ago).

However, I found that any file with arcs in it cuts miserably when launched from V6. It makes the laser hesitate and vibrate any time it is cutting along an arc segment. I need to test some more with degree 3 curves, didn’t have time yet. So for the moment, V6 is unusable for laser cutting, back to V5…

I tested the exact same file, same computer, same laser driver, same laser, only difference being launched from V5 or V6.


BadLaserCutArc.3dm (55.9 KB)

File attached here for reference…

This is probably a result of my recent rewrite of curve drawing in V6 to structure data in a way that allows us to use some OpenGL functions more efficiently.

Vector printing doesn’t use OpenGL, but does still use the curve data structures that I set up. There is an alternate way to draw curves with vector output that may make a difference for these Epilog laser printers.
I’ll try to get this implemented and in before the next public build. Since I don’t have an Epilog to test with, I’ll have to rely on you to double check and see if you get any performance improvements.

OK, no problem for testing, thanks Steve!

BTW @stevebaer , this is a bit OT for the Serengeti category, but were there any changes made in this regard to any of the recent SR’s of V5? It just seems that our laser cutting speed on splines, arcs and circles has slowed down from what I remember in the past, but I don’t really have any precise figures or timing, just a general impression…

Thanks, --Mitch

No changes that I can think of with regards to curve drawing in V5 SRs.