V-ray License

Hi @matt_newberg,

  • Is it possible I activate V-ray for Rhinoceros license without USB?
  • Where can I download Express toolbars?? I can’t see toolbar files from the link shown in the image.

I’m new to V-ray…


You can install V-ray without the USB dongle, but you’ll need the dongle to do a V-Ray rendering. If you don’t want to render, then Rhino will run just fine and no V-Ray data will be lost. As soon as you plug in the dongle, you can start to render with V-Ray.

COOL TIP: You can also install V-Ray on nine other computers, which then act as ‘render nodes’ and will help the primary computer render faster.

For the download, you were very close and only missed it twice.


You could also setup a license server to share the license between other computers. You would still have an USB dongle, but it would be on the server instead of the local machine.


I see…

Thanks all!

Is there PDF document I can download? Instead of online user guide…