V-Ray for Rhino is Similar to other V-Rays?

Hi guys. I want to learn v-ray for rhino and just wanna know that: are all v-rays similar to each other? for example tabs and commands in v-ray for rhino are more different with v-ray for 3d max? Can I learn it by v-ray for 3d max tutorials?

Thank you all for your guides.

Yes and not.
Most of the user experience depends on the interface, the interface it’s closed connected to the software so, NO, every Vray it’s different… BUT… V-Ray is Vray, so you can find exaclty the same options/parameters on every V-Ray, so YES they’re the same.
Depending on the interface some of the most advanced features are not shown in Rhino (eg: kelvin colors for light).

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VfR 2 wasn’t feature complete and VfR 3 is a simplified V-Ray only, a lot of options are skipped. Maybe beginners like it, but expert users miss the control. But at all, V-Ray is a nice allrounder.

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Also, I believe Rhino version is 3.4 while 3ds max version is 3.6. Which means larger difference than it sounds.

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Right, the render core and the features are different.

The other big difference is that at 3dsmax you can switch between basic/advanced/expert UI/options and at VfR3.x you get something like basic/advanced only.

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Vray for Rhino, SketchUp and Revit are almost identical.

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I used it and find out that it is easier in front v-ray for max and you can use it faster. Thank you all for your great help.

Hang on! V-ray for Rhino is going to be updated to 3.6 very soon. They then should be almost identical.

Anyways, they are close enough now that your skills are 99% transferable.

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I hope you are right. I miss some basic options daily used in the past at VfR2. I don’t see a willingness to bring VfR at Vf3dsmax level. But I would be glad to see I’m wrong. Here a simple example of the clumsy process:

It is great! Good news @schultzeworks. I have another question. Can I use “VRscans” materials in the current version (for Rhino) or it will exist in promised version?
In Chaosgroup website, I don’t read anything about the rhino. I think v-ray for rhino cannot use VRscan material…

we have to wait a bit longer… :wink:

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Yeah, @Pitti . this is what I talking about. You know about the release date?

You are correct V-Ray 3.4 for Rhino does not have support for V-Ray Scans.

I would love to see these other features in V-Ray for Rhino as well:

Hopefully 3.6 addresses these features.


I agree. The substance is one of its shortcomings. I hope all of the defects will be resolved in the new version. impatiently waiting for the new version…

Is there V-Ray RT in current v3.4 or next version?

Yes, there is V-Ray RT in current version

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I have an inquiry in to the Chaos developers for the release date and feature set on V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino. Ill post the answer here when I get any news.


Special thanks to you @schultzeworks. :pray: