V-Ray 3.0 for Rhino

Is anybody using/beta-testing V-Ray 3.0 for Rhino and can say something about it? (Can everybody beta-test who gets a license now?) Can it do all the stuff the plug-in for 3ds Max can do? Is it crashing? Is it (a lot) faster than 2.0? Is a GPU just making V-Ray RT faster or also final rendering? Does it have multiple materials for one object? (VRayMultiSubTex?) How many materials does it finally come with? Are they good? (Maxwell’s library e.g. is full of materials that are not good…) Can it read .mat files? Is 800 $ expensive for what you get?

Stuff like that. I have seen the presentation Sneak peek of V-Ray 3.0, but, well, doesn’t really look the presentation of something people have been waiting for…

I think it is still in a limited beta (we have both Sketchup and Rhino and got invited to the closed beta for Sketchup, but not for Rhino yet (Chaos group said Rhino beta would be in two weeks, but that was 5 weeks ago)).

The GPU will only work with Vray RT (but you can do final rendering in RT) and with the denoizer.

Regards Ole

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Ooops, I thought there is already a beta version. Thank you.

There is a beta, but it is limited. It should be available to everyone with a license soon (like the Sketchup beta is).

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