UVN -> What does the U, and V mean? (to get the right handle on the first try when using MoveUVN)

Hey Forum,

I have a short question to which I haven´t found an answer to yet:

With the MoveUVN Command I would like to save some time in my workflow by knowing what the letters stand for and grabbing the right handle right away. The “N” stands for normal, thats what I got out of the manual. But what about the UV?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Each point on a Nurbs-Surface is described by 2 parameters U,V
Therefore it is kind of a local (but not orthogonal) coordinate System along / on the Surface…

have a look at
_extractIsoCurve (Direction U/V)
_SelU _SelV (to select an entire Control Point Row)

to “see” those directions use the
_dir Commonad

if you need it very often, you can display U V with custom Isocurve Color in the display Modes

Objects → Surfaces → Surface Isocurve Setting

more Info here:


Hi Tom,

Thanks alot for this detailed description!

I was searching for something like the custom isocurve Color-perfect :slight_smile: