Array along a surface

Hi I have an object and want to array along a surface, I am not understanding about the base point of the object that needs to get selected. also with u and v. Does U mean x-axis and V mean y-axis?


What have you tried?

// Rolf

Dear Rolf,

I have tried selecting the object that I need to array and I selected the base of my object (as it asked for base), then I have selected the surface(i.e a cylindrical) and then I selected U and V values as 10 and 10 respectively. I got an entirely different array.

Without a specific example we’re guessing.

That said, I suspect you may be looking for FlowAlongSrf

Array pays no attention to surfaces.
Flow does

Dear John,

I have checked with flow along surface, But that couldn’t get what I wanted. I wanted an object arrayed to follow a surface.

Pavan Tejaswi

Try ArrayCrvOnSrf

Hi Pavan - see the NURBS surface topology chapter in


Dir command displays little arrows which show U and V directions. Red is default color of U direction arrow. Green is default color of V direction arrow.

a screenshot of what you are getting and a further explanation of what you are expecting seems a good start, if you are trying to get this answered any time soon. also rhino contains an internal help (most likely a question mark somewhere on the side) with little videos which describe the logic of ArraySrf

Dear Andrew, Thanks a lot I figured it out.

Thanks & Regards

Thanks a lot for the support. I have watched online tutorial, struggled for a while but I have got what I wanted

Thanks & Regards

Thanks a lot Pascal. I got it now

Thanks & Regards

Dear Fred,

Thanks a lot. This was one of the options that I have tried, I had to manipulate my design, but it worked eventually

Thanks and Regards

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