UV question

I’ve been exporting to .obj mesh opjects, and I’m getting an error that says one of the objects has no UV coordinates. I was told that such would not exist without unwrapping such in an applicaion like Maya or blender. Is there an unwrapping function in Rhino? What is apply mesh UVN? I’ve already generated the meshes I want.

what??GWL_Scaled_Mesh_Low.obj.zip (650.4 KB)

from what i have found out is that objects automatically get a UV in rhino. i dont know exactly what happened, but why are you exporting them as obj and what would your further actions be?

rhino for mac also lacks some tools for unwrapping uv as i know, i am not fully sure maybe somebody can chime in still.

I need to add a 3d texture to the surfaces of the model for output to printing. The application 3dcoat will not import rhino nurbs so they must be turned into meshes. I’m now learning to use Blender, after purchasing a turtorial series and it seems to be a good solution - and its free!

Hi Jkayten - as far as I can tell these meshes do not have texture coordinates. I guess they are not made from Rhino surface objects, or?


All the meshes were created from nurbs objects inside of Rhino(Mac) and exported to .obj. All the nurbs objects are watertight and analysis of the meshes inside Rhino all confirm they are ‘good’ meshes.

GWL_Scaled.3dm.zip (9.0 MB)

Right, but these are mesh objects, without texture coordinates - if they were generated from Rhino surface objects, they should have tcs. Can you post the original objects that you built in Rhino?
OK, I found them.

OBJ export has a setting for exporting texture coordinates - make sure that is set.


Feel free to ask me directly if you have questions about UV unwrapping and editing in Blender. Also IIRC Blender has some additional tools that help prepare your work for 3D printing.

That may have been the issue. It’s slowly sinking in…

Thanks Nathan,

I’ll keep that in mind as I venture into Blender. I’m starting to like the amount of work one can accomplish with keycombos. The navigation is a bit awkward so far.