UV Mapping issue on roof

I have this complicated roof ofa building formed from different other roofs , cut and edited as needed.
On the other roofs it worked in the end just duplicating the tewxture and surface mapping it on each of the roofs . However with this last one , thois process wouldnt work.
i apply the texture and it appears once i automaticallyremove ocs , the texture dissapeared and mo matter what i do from settings it wont appear properly, it wont lent me edit it etc.

Hi @antonia.gregoriana,

Please, could you send me that roof? I will check it to figure out the problem. You can post it here or send it to visualarq@asuni.com.

Hi @antonia.gregoriana,

I have been checking it and if I match the material and texture mapping from the surface it is working fine, so it must be a problem with how the settings for material or texture mapping have been defined in these roofs: