UV Editor in Rhino 8 is broken

Here’s a video the UV Editor breaking down to an unusable state.

Triggered by mirroring already unwrapped geometry and then re-unwrapping the mirrored version.

While I have your attention - Not being able to adjust camera orbit center while Unwrap command is running makes it frustrating to use during unwrap of more complex geometry.

Thanks for reporting
Seems that making a copy and move it, then re unwrap also goes haywire.
RH-78458 Copied unwrapped object cannot be unwrapped properly again

This I couldn’t produce. While the UV editor is open, I can use zoom selected and zoom target to reposition the camera.

Thanks for the swift response!
In regards to the Zoom/camera target reposition: Just to make sure that we’re on the same page - I am talking about camera navigation during _Unwrap → Select seams runtime. UV Editor is not an issue in this case.

ah, I misread that

ZS is not working, since there is nothing marked as a selected object, ZE or ZT should still work though

Yep, ZT does indeed solve that headache - thanks!

btw: as a workaround for the bug, you could delete the custom mapping in the objects’ texture mapping settings