UV Editing - Arranging Mesh Points

Hello all, first time post here.

Having what feels like a dumb moment here. I am trying to work out the easiest and quickest way to edit the UVs of an unwrapped warped sqaure mesh plane, so that a square piece of artwork can be applied to it in a way such that it deforms with the bending of the mesh when applied as a texture. I will need to swap out multiple different square textures onto the same plane, following the same distortion each time.

After unwrapping and opening the UV editor, I want to be able to quickly align and arrange the points to form a uniform grid, making it easy to swap out different square artwork as textures of the same resolution.

My initial plan was to use SelU/SelV and SetPt to quickly arrange the mesh points into straight rows/columns, then adjust to fit a uniform square. However the SelU/SelV commands understandably work with Polysurface control points only and not mesh points. Does anyone know of a similar function that I will be able to use to quickly select and align entire rows/columns of points?

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Marcus - can you post a file with the object?


UV Mapping to Square Artwork Example.3dm (38.0 KB)

Hi Pascal, the file is attached.

This is a simplified version which is an example of what Iā€™m trying to achieve. The actual file I am working on I am not able to share publicly but the principle is exactly the same, where I am trying to fit distorted UVs to match a uniform square image.


Hi Marcus - here is a way that seems to work, taking a different approach:

  1. ExtractPt from your mesh or just turn on control points.
  2. CrvThroughPt > Interpolated, Knots=Uniform rows or columns.
  3. Loft > Uniform the curves.
  4. Select your mesh and in Properties > Mapping page, poke the custom mapping button - the rubber duck.
  5. Use the lofted surface as the mapping for the mesh.




This is perfect, thank you so much Pascal, much appreciated indeed, this has saved me a lot of time and experimentation. Thanks again. :smiley: