Utilization Factor Colors - Karamba3D

Hi, sorry if I ask a question that may be trivial. I have a reticular structure (diagrid) composed of slender tubular elements. Through the beam view I found a legend that shows me the utilization factor.

My question is: how should I interpret it? How do you read this legend? what do the colors correspond to? What is the correspondence between the colors I see in the legend and the colors I see in my structure? Why does the list go from 0 to 12? Is there any reference to whether these are compressed or tense elements?

Last question: if in render settings I put “axial stress” the blue elements (with positive value) are intense as compression efforts and the red elements (with negative value) are intended as traction efforts?

If someone could give me a general or even detailed smattering I would be very happy. A thousand thanks.

Hi, the legend simply displays what the colours are associated in terms of values. There is no relationship to the number of elements. In the case of utilization - deep red refers to 95.8% utilization and deep blue 102.4%. A negative value refers to compression and positive tension.