Karamba Shell Utilization

Hi, I am trying to understand why the utilization values displayed by the ShellView are different from the Utilization of elements component. I isolated one mesh face and to compare, the same cell has a util coloring of -7.4% from the ShellView but the same cell is 13% utilized in the Utilization of elements component. It seems that the max util value I am getting in the Utilization of elements component is 13% while the largest compressive and tensile utilization in the shell view component are -7.4% and 5.1% respectively. I noticed that even though the shell shows compressive stress in the utilization value(-7.4%) there is no negative signs in the Utilization of elements component. Which is it, is the shell currently at 13% util capacity or 7.4% util in compression?

Hi, can you please share the script? The Shell View renders the mesh at the vertices, whereas the Utilization component extracts the values from each mesh face. However the discrepancy should be quite minor.

I realized that this happened in a disproportionately small mesh face adjacent to much larger mesh face. Could this be the culprit? Also important to note: the small mesh face was close to the support. When the mesh cells are quite homogenous these two values are pretty close to each other. I couldn’t recreate the issue now, because I changed the model once it worked as expected, I will share if I come across it again.

Hi Kane,

yes this can cause some discrepancies, as larger mesh faces can result in larger differences in results.