Using Rhino3dmIO Nuget package, looking for c# dotnet example

I need to read some surfaces from 3dm file to other software.
The application I am developing is in c# dot net.
I saw some openNurbs examples in github. But at this moment in tight schedule, will be a very big help, if some one help me to find c# dotnet example for reading surfaces from 3dm file and write back into external software.

Any c# dot net example using Rhino3dmIO for reading and writing rhino objects, will be a big help.

Many thanks in advance !

Hi @tsiddikee,

Here is a basic console applcation that uses the Rhino3dmIO.Desktop Nuget package. (5.1 KB)

Here is the online help for the Rhino.File3dm class.

Basically, after reading a 3dm file, with Rhino.File3dm, you can iterate the Rhino.File3dm.Objects table and read all of the curves, Breps, etc.

– Dale

Thanks a lot, Dale!