Using rhino.inside with grasshopper in UE

I am very new to using GitHub and coding in general, so its a stretch for me learning the language etc, however i can follow instructions. I was wondering first, whether rhino.inside is still being developed for UE. Secondly i am after some help to get it working. I went through the process and got a bunch of errors. I have as requested upgraded to Rhino WIP, downloaded Visual Studio 2017 and am using 4.23 engine for UE

2 C# Loader Error follow on 2020-05-07

Not sure if you’ve already tried this:

I tried it months ago but without a luck. Would it be possible to try again with UE 4.25?

I’ll take a look at all of the docs and samples next week to see where things can be simplified and if things can work with UE 4.25.