Using rhino.inside with grasshopper in UE

I am very new to using GitHub and coding in general, so its a stretch for me learning the language etc, however i can follow instructions. I was wondering first, whether rhino.inside is still being developed for UE. Secondly i am after some help to get it working. I went through the process and got a bunch of errors. I have as requested upgraded to Rhino WIP, downloaded Visual Studio 2017 and am using 4.23 engine for UE

2 C# Loader Error follow on 2020-05-07

Not sure if you’ve already tried this:

I tried it months ago but without a luck. Would it be possible to try again with UE 4.25?

I’ll take a look at all of the docs and samples next week to see where things can be simplified and if things can work with UE 4.25.


Hi @fraguada, please…

We haven’t looked at this since we tested Rhino.Inside for UE 4.23. Since we depend on USharp, and USharp hasn’t been updated to work with UE 4.25, then we have to look for another solution. UnrealCLR won an Epic Megagrant, so maybe that is another avenue to explore. All this being said, I can’t give you any certain timeframe for when this will be looked at next.

thank you, it’s all clear to me right now.