Please share your thoughts to help make Rhino - UE4 connection better

I would like to encourage all of you to spend just a little time for sharing your thoughts by completing the survey about Datasmith plugin for Rhino and Unreal Engine 4 connection. Even if you are not a user of UE4 your ideas could still help.

Importing & updating Rhino models inside UE4 is already there but not yet developed as good as it can be. For example, there are issues with texture mapping. Right now, Epic Games staff is working on the new Datasmith importer for Rhino.

If we talk about rendering, I was a user of V-Ray for Rhino for several years but after many disappointments, I jumped on a ship called “live rendering” and became a user of UE4.
I really love it.

In my dreams, I see a seamless connection between these two programs. I see scattering and manipulating stuff in UE4 through Grasshopper… Well, maybe someday.

Right now there is a survey:

and the topic on Unreal Engine forum:

As a user and fan of both programs - Thanks!


I am also using Rhino and UE4. Can’t wait for the new Datasmith. As you said, right now there are UV handling inconsistencies. Thanks for the link!