Using Rhino BETA on Multiple Computers

Jokes aside… This is exactly how I’m approaching CPU bottleneck with Rhino…slave machine for additional computation.

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I’m having a little trouble visualizing the Rhino 6 version of my current workflow. I have one Rhino 5 license, but have installed Rhino on two computers (a desktop with a 5K monitor and a laptop). I never use it on more than one machine simultaneously, but I very frequently switch from machine to machine depending on whether or not I’m in my office, traveling, etc. Just having a floating license that’s validated when I launch Rhino would almost work, but the laptop is not always online when I want to launch Rhino (example: on an airplane).

As a suggestion:

Adobe does a good job of dealing with this for Creative Cloud (which I use in similar patterns): at launch time, check to see if the license has been validated online within the last 30 days; if online, validate in real time, and if a machine hasn’t validated within the last 30 days, allow that license to be validated on another machine without having to explicitly move it. This works pretty seamlessly for the “use on multiple machines, one at a time, with intermittent connectivity” use case.

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Hi @amanda, your workflow is exactly what we have in mind for licensing using your Rhino account. I encourage you to try it now and see if you can get it to work in all the scenarios you imagine. You can turn off your network connections to pretend you are on an airplane, and see how it works.

I’m disappointed by your choice of metaphor. That aside, there are already people linking multiple instances of Rhino/Grasshopper together to distribute workload to multiple machines. Flux and MetaHopper come to mind.

I think using your Rhino account should work perfectly, then.

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