Using Karamba for a closed loop of scissor units

Dear all,

I am still puzzled by how to achieve a scissor connection where two elements are connected together from the middle and each element is structurally working alone (like the connection in the red dotted rectangle).

I am aware that Karamba only deal with connections as the end of members. For that, I used the (zero-length-line) trick in Karamba examples as suggested in a lot of previous forms, however, as seen in the picture. the elements then act separately and they deform under gravity load as if they are separate beams (not one beam / look at the yellow dotted line in picture).

my question is how then to model this simple closed loop unit of transitional scissor beams to actually allow each beam to move/rotate as one. (even though that teh connection is in the middle)? , is that possible ? or should I model the two beams (in the scissor connection) shifted away from each other?

Thank you in advance, your help is highly appreciated.

karamba_scissor (44.0 KB)
karamba_scissor test.3dm (47.7 KB)

Hi, you can simulate this with a zero length member. Please see the following example as a reference (31.7 KB)

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