Need help in karamba3d

Dear experts,I’m trying to analyze a set of railings,but there are some problems. Can you help me solve them.
When I converted the curve into lines, the force analysis results obtained through karamba analysis were not continuous. I wanted to know which part I had done wrong.
In file 2020 02 (51.5 KB) you can see that the analysis of the longest transverse member is problematic.

this is the Horizontal structure

Hi, it seems that Karamba does not attach a few of the vertical beams to the horizontal ones. I zoomed as much as possible and could not see any discontinuity. The end of the horizontal beam is touching the vertical one at some point. I don´t know why Karamba automatically binds most of them except a few vertical beams. Perhaps some other member can explain why…

As a workaround, I can only recommend you to employ a different design strategy. For example, try to explicitly share one common point to ensure binding between horizontal and vertical beams. I hope this helps.

One issue is that you all the vertical elements are not connected to the main model. You can see with the connected parts component to see which parts are not connected. You need to split these curves with the intersection at the joints.

Thank you , I made another simple model that karamba could not analyze as the vertical structure moved down,this is the model

Hi,thanks for your solution. You can see in my GH file that the horizontal elements are connected by vertical intersections, which means they are already connected in the file, but karamba can’t identify them. Is this a bug?

are your curves all split at their intersections with other curves? Otherwise Karamba does not recognise these elements as connected.