Using GH_CustomPreviewItem

Dear all,

Is there possibly a way to use GH_CustomPreviewItem for previewing (DrawViewportMeshes) of custom components made in Visual Studio?

At this moment I’m stuck because of the “inaccessibility due to the protection level”. I would like however to manage the preview of all sorts of geometries without manually sorting them into groups (GH_Curve, GH_Mesh, GH_Point…) Additionally, the preview as executed by the CustomPreview component in Grasshopper is very slick and allows a rendered preview as well. I would like to go along with this approach if possible.


If of any use: Casting towards “GH_ObjectWrapper” helped me to deal with the various geometry types. When you know how a rendered preview, similar to the CustomPreview component, can be established, I would be glad to hear from you. :slight_smile: