Using Elgato stream deck keyboard with Rhino

Hi all,
I found in topic about Rhino UI some mention about this keyboard. Can you share your experience with using in Rhino?
I would like to use this device to assign most used commands, e.g. curve primitives, move, rotate, hide, select, offset, extrude.

@seltzdesign - I remember you mentioning Elgato, no?

Hi there! I have a Elgato Stream Deck XL(upgraded from the normal sized one) I absolutely love it. The way I have implemented most commands is simply by creating a text button on the stream deck and then typing in the command:

This works well for single “word” commands, when implementing macros I’ve found that creating an alias for that macro and running that as an alias from the stream deck works better than running long strings of commands directly from the streamdeck.

Some commands that also have a keyboard shortcut I implement by just creating a hotkey on the Stream Deck.

I’ve mostly stolen icons for the stream deck from Rhino toolbar Icons and Noun Project

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Yes, I am using it as well. I am basically doing what @rheinason is doing, except for now I am doing everything with keyboard shortcuts that I have set up. To be honest I didn’t even think about just triggering the text. Nice idea!

For the icons I also use a library. I really like using these: or more recently these: Sometimes I just google for an icon and then do the tweaking in Figma.

Just noticed that the Rhino toolbar icons were all created in Xara. I still remember that software (Xara 3d and later Xara X) and it was the first I used and what got me into Graphic Design. So yeah, they have been around a while! :smiley:


I spend a lot of time to make nice icons for the Steam Deck for Rhino an GH out of official sources i found. if anyone is interested just ask via pn.

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