Using curve networks issue

Hi guys, i am trying to make a surface by using curve networks but for some reason it keeps failing can anyone suggest me away to do this in rhino. Thanks

Hi mitviz - networks for NetworkSrf need to be sets of curves that can clearly be organized into two sets, one in each direction. It’s hard to say from the image how the curves are split up - can you post the file?


Here is an example of curves ready for NetworkSrf.

petal.3dm (35.4 KB)

Hi Pascal thanks for the reply, the example file by 0netech is exactly like the file i am trying to use the networksrf command on, this already clears up the problem and i see what was wrong. Thanks guys!!!

With waht I can see from the image, Sweep2 might be a better option.
You’ll get cleaner geometry. And I’d try with only two cross sections, the first and the last.